The Allflex Group is a World leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of animal identification technology, helping livestock producers use individual animal identification as a key management tool.

Allflex has been leading the livestock identification industry for over half a century and their products incorporate the latest design technologies, materials and manufacturing processes to make Allflex tags the best selling tags in the world.

Specifically in the UK, any Allflex product in official or management markets is available to the farmer direct as well as through a strong network of distributors and agents. Our pricing strategy means the best product at the best price without hidden extras or complicated terms and conditions.

They have a wide range of leading product choices for all livestock sectors, from Cattle, Sheep, Goats and pigs. Allflex also produce a wide range of high quality precision applicators to back up all of your tagging needs

But they don’t just supply tags!

In the UK the Group includes the Allflex Pro range of identification, health and husbandry products aimed at helping livestock producers maximise the efficiency and productivity of their enterprise.

They also manufacture and distribute Alligator mobile sheep handling systems. In the UK, they distribute Prattley mobile sheep and cattle handling systems, Tru-Test electronic weighing solutions and Heiniger clipping and shearing equipment. SCR Heatime is also part of the UK Group.