Llyndy Scholar - Tudur Parry - January

January has been a little quieter for me in Llyndy as it is on many other farms.

The work of feeding the sheep and cattle from day to day continues, and I had the vet out to cut the horns of two calves that have grown quite large now. At the end of the month I also dosed the sheep and lambs for fluke and other parasites.

A piece of land in Nantmor came back to the care of the National Trust during the month and had been given to be managed with Llyndy, it's quite wet low land there and will be a great help to me, there is a lot of work to do there such as fencing the boundaries, managing rhododendron and cutting the rush.

Work has alos begun on the renovation of an old building at Llyndy, with a new track being put down that leads to it.

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