Integrated YFC Beef Scheme

Are you a dairy farmer?

Or, do you have an interest in calf rearing?

Maybe, you could be interested in finishing cattle?

If so, the Integrated YFC Beef Scheme is your vehicle to develop a sustainable and resilient food producing enterprise.

Calf Scheme

Agriculture has become increasingly challenging, hence why the project has been designed to encourage and support YFC members to develop the skills required to establish, or manage and develop existing businesses. The Integrated YFC Beef Scheme funded through ’European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development: Europe Investing in Rural Areas’ will draw on the knowledge and experience of the main stakeholders and other industry specialists.

Although calf rearing is at the core of the scheme, the opportunities for dairy farmers and finishers are alike. The training and support available to all sectors of the supply chain can be tailored to suit the individual’s desires and requirements. Designed to deliver an economically and environmentally sustainable system, the scheme focuses on the health, nutrition, and performance at each stage of the calf’s life to maximise efficiency, reduce production costs while developing business skills that will be applicable to any on farm enterprise.

The scheme is an opportunity for YFC members to benefit from bespoke blueprints and central support from industry specialists and regional field officers. Ultimately the initiative is about creating a sustainable supply chain to help support the future of rural Wales and to create an income for the YFC organisation.

Who can take part?

The following criteria must be met in order to participate in the scheme:

• A Wales YFC member or associate member.

• The YFC member must be living in Wales, and the main holding must be in Wales.

• Aged between 16 and 40 years old.

• The YFC member will be the main contact and will be responsible for participating in the development programme.

For more information please contact Luned Evans at Menter a Busnes -