On Monday 27th of November, a joint meeting was held between Wales YFC members and representatives from Welsh Government Agriculture Department and Malcolm Thomas MBE chairing the meeting.

The main purpose of this meeting was to give Wales YFC members an opportunity to feed in views from a next generation perspective for new agriculture and environment policies for Wales as well as putting forward some solution for Welsh Government’s consideration.

A discussion was held where members highlighted some key issues facing them such as; concerns regarding securing a future trade deal, future source of labour, future support mechanisms, developing the Welsh brand, effective and relevant regulation alongside a great need for more food and farming education. These concerns were noted by Welsh Government, and where possible advice was given on how to overcome some of the issues raised.

This meeting was also a chance for Welsh Government to approach young farmers with some of the new opportunities that is currently being offered to members. One of the main topics of discussion was the introduction of the new Young Entrance Scheme for 2018. The logistics of the new scheme and application process were explained to members, and Welsh Government received feedback on the current development of the scheme.

Following the meeting Dafydd Jones, Wales YFC Vice-Chairman said, “The meeting with Welsh Government Agriculture Department had been a success where members had a chance to raise any concerns they have in relation to the future of the Agriculture Sector. Without a doubt this meeting had been very beneficial for our members and we hope to keep in regular contact with Welsh Government in the future”.