Key themes in regards to market trends and new agriculture adaptations were acknowledged in this years conference offering an opportunity for young farmers to increase efficiency becoming the next generation of farmers.

A warm welcome was issued to Wales YFC members, representitives from partner organisations and the organisation’s corporate sponsors to the fourth Rural Affairs Conference organised by Wales YFC and CCF (Clynderwen and Candiganshire Farmers). Six inspirational speakers attended the conference which inspired members to become innovators of change within the agriculture industry.

The theme for the day will be ‘Marketing’ and it will be considered from all different aspects of the industry including the production, trading, adding value and how farmers can adapt to the needs of the new market.

Dafydd Jones, Wales YFC Rural Affairs Chairman said; “This year’s theme emerged following growing concerns in regards to Brexit. The months and years to come will undoubltly be the biggest challenge to face our industry and as the next generation of farming we need to make a change in the agriculture industry. The line up for the day is truly enspiring and I encourage all members to attend in order to be inspired and become innovators for the future of the industry.

Once again this year we have an excellent array of speakers lined up for the day including: Gareth Jones, Rhug Estate Farm Manager; Matt and Pipp Smith, Farmers Weekly Sheep Farmer of the Year 2017; Rob Cumine, Natural Wagyu Business Partner and Susie Stannard, Senior Consumer Insight Analyst, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), Mark Grant, Associate Director, Levercliff and Michael Smith, Pelcolme Farm, Pembrokeshire.